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who we are

A bit about us and the trans-Atlantic, mother/daughter FaceTime brainstorming that led us to this endeavor. 

mary-brennan minarovych

“My daughter’s brain teems with a million and one ideas, and her two children are the lucky recipients of that creative energy. She has lived in Prague since 2001, and was in the corporate world for “a few years too many.” During that time, however, she wrote and traveled, learned languages and sharpened her eye for great design. And she never stopped dreaming of a career that would satisfy her love and appreciation of the arts. 2020 was the turning point. As travel ceased and small businesses and creatives were forced to close shop, she lamented their futures, and increasingly turned to the local makers she had discovered over the years. With this site, she hopes to highlight many more independent, impassioned entrepreneurs.”

author: mother

linda bachrack

“My mother has been many things. A writer, an editor and a small business owner. She has managed to reinvent herself throughout her careers, but one thing that endured is her creativity and passion for all things design. She has always been a trendsetter and establishing the first barre studio in Washington D.C. was finally her chance to call something her own and shape each and every inch. She has a magic touch that even her granddaughter recognises, proclaiming her Lili always sends the best gifts. And I agree. For as long as I can remember, she has been dog-earing design magazines, tugging me along to local boutiques or introducing me to the newest trends. So when she retired in 2020, coincidentally at the same time I had more free time on my hands, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to work with – the writer, entrepreneur and creative soul I’m lucky to call, Mom.”

author: daughter

“Here’s to the innovators and creators in your towns and neighborhoods. Enjoy their crafts and their stories. They are yours (and ours) to share.”

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All other photos displayed on this website were taken by Mary-Brennan Minarovych. 

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