Photo by Polly Florence @polly.florence

Many of us like to think of our bedrooms as private sanctuaries, cozy nests conducive to moments of daytime escape, as well as nighttime refuge. In the winter months, when the bedroom is bathed in darkness and a damp chill starts to seep into the space, it feels particularly important to promote a feeling of rest and recovery within.

The bed lends itself to hibernation mode, especially when layered in down duvets and snug wool blankets, but the spot just an arm’s reach away, the bedside table, should also bring calm and beauty to the room. It’s the last thing you see before closing your eyes and the first thing you see in the morning.

Perhaps your nightstand is not a traditional table. It could be an antique chair or a hand-hewn wooden stool, an adjacent window ledge or a vintage trunk. But, although it’s meant to be functional, it can also be a study in peace and harmony. 

We think the best way to curate a serene and artful bedside table is to keep it simple, enhancing the ambience with handcrafted details that bring joy to your every waking hour.

1. Eclectic energy

Photo by Freja Loewe @frejaloewe

Enjoy the warm glow seen in textile artist, Freja Lowe‘s apartment by using a combination of ceramics from Noe Kuremoto, this paper mache table lamp by Crea Re, or any of the hand-dyed beeswax candles from Copito.

2. Winter whites

Photo by Steph Gowla @stephgowla

For that all-white, serene sleeping space, place white tapered candles in Lappalainen’s handmade brass candleholders, arrange your favorite stems in one of Epure’s porcelain vases, or display one of these incredible handmade bowls made from recycled paper and limestone by Chalk Path Studio.

3. Warm and cozy

Photo by Polly Florence @polly.florence

For those spending time nestled in bed with a good book and a cup of tea, you can recreate Polly Forence‘s mood with ceramics from Paris-based potter, Kim Le, a ceramic tea set by Birdman’s Home, or this candle holder by Kaell Handmade.

4. Back to nature

Photo by Marnie Hawson

Take a cue from photographer Marnie Hawson and bring the nature indoors with a handcrafted wooden table by Alex Walshaw, a hand-carved reclaimed wood vase from Luna Home Decor, or this unique table lamp made from recycled materials by Henri Dejeant.

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