Photo by Florence Campbell

Welcome to our new feature, ‘The Considered Closet’ where you’ll find artists and designers who are pushing the boundaries of the slow fashion movement by taking things into their own hands. 

We all know that clothes tell a story. They have the power to transport us to a different time and place. They incite memories of where we were when we bought a garment or how it makes us feel when we put it on. Clothes can inspire and communicate without us having to say a word. 

But when we buy a handmade garment, that story is multiplied. Each piece — hand-knit, hand-stitched, hand-sewn or hand-dyed — is created by a talented, independent artisan who has weaved their own story into the fabric long before it reached our closets. We want to share those stories with you and we couldn’t imagine a better place to begin than with Accidente con Flores.

Ola Kawalko and Adrián Martínez Marí founded Accidente con Flores in 2017 with the goal of naturally embracing more simple, slow-living, sustainable practices. Prioritising environmental consciousness, quality, and social responsibility, they create beautiful pieces using the natural resources and talented artisans located in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. From sourcing or growing their own materials to creating their own fabrics and textures, this creative duo create impeccably crafted clothes and accessories to be cherished, worn and reworn to our heart’s content.

Photo by Valentine Riccardi

Take the one-of-a-kind quilted jacket, Listening Wind, pictured above. The organic cotton poplin outer layer is carefully cut, sewn and quilted in their studio on the island. Hand-dyed in indigo then lined with organic cotton and filled with raw, Mallorcan sheep wool, this super cozy jacket embodies the sustainable fashion movement. 

Imagine that cool, laid-back vibe that Mallorca and Ibiza are so well known for coupled with a retro, homespun style that can speak to young and old alike. But Accidente con Flores is much more than your usual fashion brand. You will also be swept away by their dedication to the local community, including farmers, artists and artisans.

“We strongly believe in local communities as a source of health, creativity and support,” says Accidente con Flores. Their non-profit, How They Work, brings together creative artists from all over the Balearic Islands. They then share  rare, behind-the-scenes insights into the life and work of these artisans to the rest of us. Check out their website for some beautiful shots of artists at work in their studios doing what they love most.

Photographs by Sara de Blas

Other initiatives impact their collection directly. For example, they cooperate with Eugenia Marcote and Gema Salvador, two local women who run a very important project called Llanatura, which focuses on the recovery of Mallorcan sheep wool —  something which is unfortunately classified as ‘trash’ in Mallorca and turns up as waste at the end of the season. Together with local shepherds,  they recover the wool and turn it into beautiful, high quality felt, which is then used to make, for example, their Echoes vest. 

You can find out more about Accidente con Flores and their dedication to craft, local heritage and the future of the fashion industry at

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