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Diving into 2022 with a Locorum refresh, we brainstormed feature ideas that would allow us to create more content and to introduce you to a more diverse community of artists every week.

Hand to home is one of those new ideas. Each week, we will give you a peek into a little nook or corner of a favorite room, and we’ll highlight the handcrafted items that make that small space sing.

For me, this debut story was an easy choice. I recently turned a tiny, outdated, dysfunctional bathroom into a slightly larger jewel box of a sanctuary that brings a little joy to my morning rituals. I call the vanity my personal wellbeing space. 

Of course, a coat of paint, shiny new fixtures and a slab of marble bring a modern aesthetic to a bath remodel, but they don’t bring the soul. The mood of a space comes from the smallest handcrafted details … handwoven towels, hand-thrown ceramic dishes and vases, beeswax candles, small-batch soaps, hand-carved face brushes.

Here are 3 makers we think can add handcrafted character to your bathroom vanity:


The Edit

Rid yourself of the bottled washes and grace the vanity with an all-natural, delicious smelling handcrafted soap. “Fresh from farm to face” — that’s the promise of Farm Soap Co., a purveyor of botanical skincare products that are handmade in small batches on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. They source and cold process natural ingredients, even growing their own botanicals in a walled organic garden. Delicate floral and herbal fragrances include calendula, peppermint, borage, geranium and lavender. You might want to pair one of the beautifully packaged soaps with a hand-thrown dish, also made exclusively for this boutique business.

We love the baby-soft, handwoven waffle-linen and cotton hand towels from Linogija — a soft embrace for your face. Back in the late 1990s, a little workshop united a small group of passionate craftswomen in Vilnius. They bonded over their love for linen. Today, Linogija is a small family business revered for its refined garments and timeless designs. 

Jessica is a potter making thrown functional ware from her studio in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. We fell in love with her tiny ceramic jewelry box and its cherry ash glaze …  a perfect keeper for your rings as you begin your nighttime ritual. Jessica’s work is focused on the sensitive interaction between maker and material, and she continues to research materials with a strong focus on texture and surface. She hopes to one day own a little plot of land by the sea where she can build herself a small wood kiln.

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