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It’s a time-honored morning ritual — the aromatic, steaming cup of coffee that signals the dawn of a new day. And the lovingly crafted vessel that fits “just so” in your hands, brings almost as much pleasure as the brew within.

handcrafted coffee mug
photo Birdman's Home @birdmans_home

My personal morning routine involves drinking my coffee and reading the news or watching the children in the forest kindergarten across the street perform their own daily mantras. Their joyful laughter brings a wild energy to my lazy mornings.

One particular morning, not so long ago, the unbridled hymns of the wildling children took me back to a trip I took to Scotland, or more specifically, to the Scottish Highlands – before masks and quarantines. 

In fact, the idea for Locorum is attached in a roundabout way to that adventure.


One of my favorite things to do when exploring new places is to discover what the local or regional products are. To taste them, to smell them, to try them on. Locorum is also all about discovery – discovering new artists, new products, new designs, even from the comfort of our own homes.

I was drawn to the mug’s illustration of the coastline, one that I might add is just as barren of people as it feels in the brushstrokes. I suppose you might say that this souvenir could be on par with a postcard, similarly blatant in its depiction of a memory, but I immediately spotted the beauty that only a local artist could capture.

So on this morning, as I idly watched the children playing, I decided to check in on the studio that produces my favorite mug, Highland Stoneware. And that’s when I found their Instagram account, one very similar to those of other local merchants. Displaying their wares, yes, but also reminding people of their current struggles. The difficulties that so many local artisans are experiencing now is exactly why we decided to establish Locorum.

Craftspeople, shopkeepers, artists and designers alike need our help now more than ever — shopping local can and will help all our communities thrive and make it another day.

photo Ugbu Ceramics

That said, we thought long and hard about which product to begin with, before settling on the one almost every home has, the ubiquitous coffee mug. Below are a few of our favorite local finds.

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Laima Ceramics

Imagine your favorite espresso warmed in the rustic tones of these wood-fired stoneware espresso cups from Laima Ceramics. As Laima herself states, Nestled in the deep countryside of Latvia, I design and create unique items to become part of your life story, things intended to make the otherwise mundane tasks of cooking, eating and drinking full of mindfulness, care and beauty.”

Made in: Pilsrundāle, Latvia
Buy here
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Ugbu Ceramics

The raw designs of Sylvain Jarry transport us to a slower and simpler place. Ugbu means, “in the present, now, at this moment” a sentiment felt in the deep blue/green hue of this hand-sculpted mug. Imagine cozying up next to the fireplace, wrapped in a wool blanket, this beautiful mug in hand.

Made in: Roussay in Maine-et-Loire, France
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Concept Ceramic

We love the simplicity of these handmade, minimalist porcelain mugs from CONCEPTceramic. Zlatina’s love for the process, “from slipcasting, handbuilding to decorating objects with delicate textures, patterns, and designs,” helps make each piece both stunning and unique.

Made in: Sofia, Bulgaria
Buy: here
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Concept Ceramics

El Sonido Del Glaciar

This Rainy Day hand-thrown ceramic cup and oval saucer designed and made by Anne-Sereine at El Sonido Del Glaciar brings serenity to your morning coffee ritual. We love the modern take on the cup and saucer combo.

Made in: Barcelona, Spain
Buy: here
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coffe mug barcelona

Birdmans Home

How to choose from all these lovely earthen tones from BirdmansHome? This handmade stoneware is made to last in Krakow. I’ve got my eye on the amber, though the entire palette makes us swoon.

Made in: Krakow, Poland
Buy here
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Capi Atelier

This elegant coffee cup is made by hand from porcelain and shards of local volcanic rock in Capi’s small street-side workshop. We love the muted tones and refined decor, not to mention their inspiring Instagram feed.

Made in: Thiers, France
Buy: here
Follow: @capilatelier

Studio Arhoj

Sip Cups, hand-glazed porcelain cups by studio Arhoj, can be found in a rainbow of colors to brighten up anybody’s day. We were attracted to these dreamy blues for a quick shot of espresso.

Made in: Copenhagen, Denmark
Buy: here
Follow: @studioarhoj

Madriguera Workshop

Stepping out of your tent in the early morning to the smell of coffee brewed over the warmth of a campfire — these forest-inspired mugs make us want to head for the great outdoors. Handcrafted stoneware from Lydia de la Pinera and Luis Llamas, the creative couple behind Madriguera Workshop, is a dreamy way to start anyone’s day.

Made in: Galicia, Spain
Buy: here
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